Aqua Park Fala undergoes facelift. Re-opens on 23rd of September

Aqua park Fala in Łódź is currently closed due to renovations works which will make the popular swimming pool more attractive and safer for visitors.

Throughout the aqua park, paintworks and ceramic coatings will be upgraded and all indoor swimming pool systems will be fitted with high-quality UV lamps in addition to water treatment systems.

Additionally, the renovations works will include, among others:

• new steam sauna next to the wave pool
• secure and paint the tower of the slide, modernization of the tower entrance
• shortening of the rainbow slide, which will allow for additional attraction planned at a later date
• new signage in cloakrooms to help visitors find the right cabinets
• extension of cloakrooms
• installation of LED panels on ceilings in dressing rooms and toilets for better illumination and higher energy-efficiency
• installation of external octagonal whirlpool 2.30 m wide, with water temperature 12 ° C
• installation of eight outdoor showers

The renovation works will last until the weekend and the aqua park plans to re-open to visitors on Saturday 23rd of September.

Images: UML

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