Anti-immigration rally in Łódź – ” Łódź against illegal immigrants “

An anti-immigration rally took place on al. Pilsudskiego in Łódź yesterday (02.04.16). The rally was organized by the All-Polish-Youth following under the pretext of the Brussels bombings.


– Christian Europe, the civilization of the white man, once again fell victim to Islamic fanatics, Islamic terror. Also, unfortunately, it fell victim to the stupidity of leftist and liberal politicians, who have governed Europe for many years. These politicians, so to speak, morally have blood on their hands and are responsible for Europeans being murdered by Islamic savages – says Adam Malecki of the All-Polish Youth.

During the rally, a petition was signed calling for a nationwide referendum on the subject of Poland taking refugees.

Images: Radio Lodz

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  1. Quite an interesting one. Slovakia took in Christian refugees from Syria, most of whom are Catholic or Orthodox – religions present in Poland. How are they a problem?

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