With almost 200 km/h through the city. Police in Łódź stop reckless driver

Police in Łódź have stopped the driver of a BMW travelling at 178 km/h. The incident took place in the early hours of Wednesday (10.05.) at ul. Rokicińską in Łódź.

Police officers in Łódź were not too amused when a routine speed check at ul. Rokicińską showed a driver of a BMW speeding at 178 km/h. Officers stopped the driver for questioning and check of documents as well as road worthiness of the vehicle.

Following the inspection, the 31-year older driver was handed a penalty, points on his license and his license was immediately suspended for 3 months.

– Good road conditions and dry weather can create a feeling of security. However, it is important to remember that excessive speed and recklessness are still frequent causes of road accidents. We appeal to the attention of all traffic participants to exercise caution and to drive within the speed limits,- police officers said following the incident.

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