All Saints holiday 1st of November – Most shops and supermarkets will remain closed

First of November marks the All Saints holiday in Poland. Millions of Poles will visit families and graves of their loved ones. As All Saints is an official public holiday, most shops, supermarkets and malls in Łódz will remain closed.


Due to Polish regulations, workers under an employment contract are prohibited from working and owners of shops can be fined up to 30,000 PLN for breaking these rules. Small shops, in which the owners themselves stand behind the counters, are allowed to open their doors for shoppers. In most cases, gas stations, Fresh Market, Żabka and Małpka Express shops will be open at the discretion of the owners.

For a list of shops choose one of the links below

Małpka Express
Fresh Market

Shop opening hours will return to normal on Monday 2nd of November.

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