Alcohol licensing – 180 shops in Łódź might lose their license to sell alcohol

Łódź city officials have launched an investigation into some 180 stores holding a license to sell alcohol. Officials are awaiting statements from store owners.


The investigation was launched after it became known that a popular local beer wholesaler does not actually hold a wholesale license, but retail only. According to the state trade inspectorate, stores that purchased their alcohol supplies from a wholesaler who does not hold a wholesale license, are considered to have purchased their supplies from an illegal source and could mean that the license to sell alcohol could be withdrawn.

In Łódź, over 180 stores are affected and currently under investigation. Failure to convince city officials of their unawareness that the wholesaler did not possess the correct license, could mean to have their alcohol license withdrawn. Most of those 180 alcohol store’s main revenue derives from the sale of beers and other products containing alcohol. Losing their license to sell alcohol directly translates into closure and loss of jobs.

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