Air Show in Lask causes havoc on Łódz streets

An open barracks day at the 32nd tactical air base in Lask close to Łódz gained more interest than the organizers anticipated and created havoc on streets leading up to or surrounding the event in Łódz voivodship. The S8 was completely blocked and not everyone who travelled to the event made it there on time.


The biggest attraction in Łask was the air show, which began at 11.30. Viewers could watch the performances of the F-16, Su-22, Mig-29 planes and perfomrance of Biało-Czerwone Iskry Team.

Attractions on the ground included planes F-16, Su-22, Bies, Orlik, TS – 11 Iskra, MiG – 21, Mig – 23, Mig – 29, Iryda and helicopters Mi-2, Mi-24 as well as an exhibition of arms and military equipment

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