54 million PLN more expensive. Łódź Fabryczna station hits city budget hard

The new Łódź Fabryczna railway station is to cost 54 million PLN more than anticipated. As the news outlet “NaszeMiasto” reported, the additional costs will be divided equally between the city’s budget and PKP.


According to the news outlet “Nasze Miasto”, the construction of the new Łódź Fabryczna railway station is to hit the city’s budget with an additional 27 million PLN as part of a total 54 million additional cost which is split equally between the city’s budget and PKP PLK.

The consortium, contracted with the construction of Łódź Fabryczna station, sued the city for additional funds (the Łódź Post reported). The basis for the claims is the lack of fulfillment of the provisions in the agreement, which led to extension of the deadline for completion of the investment and raised the cost of the work.

In the course of the mediation it was agreed that the compensation was to be divided equally, that is, 27 million from the city’s budget and 27 million PLN to be paid by PKP PLK.

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