30-meter crane collapses in center of Łódź (Video)

A 30-meter tall crane collapsed at a construction at ul. Roosevelta in the heart of the city of Łódź in the evening hours of Friday 15th of September 2017. The operator of the crane was inside the cabin when it collapsed.

The crane, which was placed at a construction site in the popular Off Piotrkowska area, collapsed a few minutes after 18:00 on Friday evening. The overturned crane fell onto the busy Roosevelta street damaging parked cars. According to eye-witness reports, damage was also caused to the neighbouring Red Tower office building. The operator of the crane was still inside the cabin when it collapsed.

According to preliminary findings, the operator suffered many fractures. According to media reports, medical staff refused to reveal any additional information on the condition of the man’s health as representatives of the responsible construction company did not agree to make any information public at this point. The man was taken to one of the hospitals in Łódź.

Image: Alexandru Preda
Video: YouTube Przemysław Kijewski

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