Viva Italia – Festival returns to Łódź for lovers of Italian cuisine

It is not a secret that Italian cuisine is popular not only in Italy but around the globe. In Łódź, lovers of Italian cuisine should get their taste buds ready as the “Viva Italia” festival will take place from 29th until 31st of July.


Between the 29th and 31st of July, Łódź’s main street, Piotrkowska, will resemble a small Italian village as the Viva Italia festival will bring delicacies from southern Europe right to the heart of Poland. Visitors will be able to try and purchase Italian sauces for pasta as well as other popular Italian dishes.

One of the exhibitors will be famous brand Barilla, which will offer visitors Farfalle, and Penne Rigate with durum wheat, accompanied by delicious sauces and served with real Italian parmesan cheese and aromatic basil leaves.

Flavorful dishes will dominate the festival, but there will be additional attractions. One of which … a game that will see visitors trying to pick-up spaghetti with sticks.

When: 29th – 31st July
Where: Piotrkowska, Łódź

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