TVP Info labels Smolensk movie “Most watched film in Poland” – Forgets to mention 1.1 IMDB rating

Poland’s news outlet TVP Info has labeled the recently released movie “Smolensk” as the most watched film in Poland. Released on the 9th of September, the movie was watched by nearly 108thousand people over its premier weekend.


In a jubilant statement, the state news channel announced the successful premier of the movie, labeling it “most watched film in Poland”. The movie, which was inspired by true events, involving a plane crash on the 10th of April 2010 which killed then Polish president Lech Kaczyński, was watched by nearly 108thousand people over its premier weekend.

While TVP Info announced the massive success in terms of viewers, the news outlet seems to ignore the heavy criticism the movie received even before its release, saying that it serves propaganda purposes of the current Polish government. What the news channel also seems to ignore is the incredibly low IDMB rating as of today (14.09.16) . With 2375 votes, the movie received a review of 1.1 …….. out of 10.

While the number of viewers over the last weekend would indeed make “Smolensk” the most watched Polish movie over the last 7 months, should the reviews received on IDMB continue to be as low as they currently are, it may very well become the worst Polish movie ever produced.

Reference: TVP Info
Smolensk on IMDB

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