Stand-Up Comedy in English. Famous Jim Williams returns to Łódź

Following the great success of the first event, which was held at Klub Szafa on the 20th of April, Jim Williams and World-Wide Comedy are coming back to Łódź for more of their hilarious stand-up comedy.

– The reason for coming back to Łódź for a second event was the overwhelming response to the first show. We had about 90 people there from students to professionals to toastmasters, and we received a ton of compliments after the show, and thank you’s for bringing something fun to do to Łódź -, Jim Williams said.

– At the first show, we had 4 gentlemen from the local Toastmasters scene who all did a solid job because of their public speaking experience. We had the right people helping us, the right people heard about the show, and we realized that there is a big hunger in Łódź for this type of event-, Jim adds.

This time, the event will be held at the New York Music Club on the 24th of May and once again the evening will start off with an open-mic where anyone can go up on stage for 5 minutes and tell jokes. This time, open-mic will be hosted by Swedish Samuel Galindo, a medical student based in Wroclaw and experienced stand-up comedian. If you are interested in getting up on stage for open-mic, please send a message to World-Wide Comedy via their facebook fanpage as spaces are limited. As a bonus, all open-mic performers will get one free beer from the bar.

Following the open-mic, Jim Williams will perform his award winning comedy act that has delighted audiences all across Poland, as well as the Czech Republic and Austria. Jim confirmed that during the second show he will be doing completely different material so the audience from the first show will be sure no to be bored.

About the performers:

Samuel Galindo (SWEDEN) is a medical student who decided to become a part of the local comedy scene in Wroclaw to share his issues in public, instead of attending therapy. The almost-coherent ramblings of this Swedish comic with parents from El Salvador touches on topics close to every human heart such as love, Cambodia, and Kanye West. Patient-Audience confidentiality applies.

Jim Williams has been in Poland for 10 years. In that time he’s learned to speak Polish, won top awards at Poland’s largest comedy festivals (both with his physical comedy show Liquidmime, as well as with his Polish stand-up “UWAGA! I’m Gonna’ MÓWIC Popolsku!”), toured the country, made numerous appearances on Polish radio and television, including the semi-finals of Mam Talent, AND made 3 people with his Polish wife.

When: 24th of May, 20:00 – 23:00
Where: New York – Klub Muzyczny, Piotrkowska 62, 90-105 Łódź
Entrance: 20 PLN / 15 PLN (Students)

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