RetroSpective – Electronic Disco Sounds with DJ Darren Vega and Dj Luk@ at Pop’N’Art in Łódź

British born and Łódź based DJ / Musician Darren Vega once again invites music lovers to a special event, this time taking you on a trip through the electronic Disco sounds that helped inspire much of the house music we know today.

For the first edition of “RetroSpective”, Darren Vega has paired up with Luk@, a long time veteran Dj on the Łódź club and Dj bar circuit. Known for his versatile approach, musical taste and knowledge, Łukasz Adamek along with Dj Darren Vega will take you all on a journey that will cover the latter part of the Disco era where electronic synthesizes started to feature more in produced tracks of that time.

The DJ duo will explore the more obscure and cooler side of Italo Disco, will cover Funky to Latin House taking inspiration from Frankie Knuckles, Masters at Work, Joey Negro, Roy Davis Jr. all the way to electronic masters, Daft Punk who have successfully fused all these genres and shared them all around the globe.

Expect solid 4 to the floor beats, tight bass riffs, vocals, Rhodes or other organ keys, and tons of rhythmic melody. Perfect for the surroundings of Pop’n’Art with is high ceilings, plenty of space to dance, sit and relax with groups or couples and of course PnA’s excellent choice of cocktails and beers, all at the end of ul. Piotrowska on Plac Wolnosci. What more can you want to kick off your weekend?

When: 25.08.2017, 21:00 – 03:00 / 04:00
Where: Pop’n’Art, Plac Wolnosci 6
Entrance: Free

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