Polish premier of “Horse riders” at Kino Charlie in Łódź

As part of the International Boat of Culture Festival, Kino Charlie prepared a movie premier for cinema lovers this evening. Horse Riders is a Macedonian independent feature film directed by Marjan Gavrilovski. The story follows the life of a handicapped homeless boy and his friends.

The Plot

Alec and Muppet are two homeless guys living under a bridge. Muppet is disabled and has special needs, and Alec takes care of him on a strange and obsessive way. The days were passing monotonously until one day rushes mysterious girl who tries to hide from someone. She begins to spend every day with them until she made a proposal to Alec that will bring food every day if allowed her to start live with them. Alec having no other choice, because the food is necessary, particularly for Muppet who is ill accepting the proposed and three of them continue to live together and become like family.

Between Alec and Sarah develops a special platonic relationship, and Muppet is happy like never before. One day they are going to fish and Alec walking around is founding an old and neglected house. The small family decided to move here and start a new life on a better place. But the disease begins to attack Muppet and they have no drugs. From that moment everything is going in a wrong way and brings these three heroes to a tragic end.

When: 16.06.2017 – 19:00
Where: Kino Charlie, Piotrkowska 203/205, 90-451 Łódź
Admission: Free

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