The Polish Christmas advert that went viral and warmed the hearts of millions around the world

Every year before the Christmas period, marketing departments of companies are in for overtime as they are trying to come up with the best, funniest and at the same time most heart-warming Christmas ad. This year however, it wasn’t the big global brands that won over the hearts of viewers. This year, the most powerful advert came from Poland, to be precise, from Polish auction website “Allegro”.


The advert follows an elderly man, seemingly living by himself with his dog, attempting to learn English. Throughout the clip, viewers follow the progress from beginner to becoming proficient in English language, as he uses his learning method in all aspects of life. Even his dog gets a sticky note with the inscription “Dog”, while his rubber duck is being told that he will kill her, before telling her that he loves her because she is “perfect”.

While most of the clip would have put a smile on the viewer’s faces, the tear-jerking moment, that made the clip go viral, happens at the end of the clip as the elderly man packs his suitcase to visit his son for Christmas. His son, like many young Poles, lives abroad and for the first time in his life, the man meets his grandchild whose first language is English.

As tears roll down his face, he introduces himself to the child in English language. – Everyone in Poland has or knows someone who is in a similar situation, so in some way it is a true story,- says Allegro brand manager Michal Bonarowski.

But this is not only familiar to Poles. The clip truly reflects the time we live in, in which immigration is widely spread, which is why the clip did not only gain popularity in Poland but went viral and touched people’s hearts across the globe. At the time of writing, the video received over 12.5 million views on youtube within only 3 weeks and is most likely to gain more popularity as we approach Christmas.

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