” Lodzer Miszmasz ” – Exhibition about Jewish history and and culture in Łódź

The Łódź Dialogue Center invites interested people to the story of the Jewish Łódź. Passing a special historical path, visitors can learn where Jews in Łódź settled, what they were doing, how they developed industry in the Łódź region as well as about their religion.

lodzer miszmasz

– The exhibition is titled “Lodzer mishmash,” because we were looking for a title which would suit this type of exhibition – explains the director of the Center for Dialogue, Joanna Podolska. In Yiddish, “mishmash”, the same as in the Polish language, means a bit of everything.

This is the story of the Łódź Jews: religion, language, culture, with known and lesser known artists, writers, about the joys and dramas of Jewish life in Łódź, about the history of the Łódź ghetto and the Jewish life in Łódź today – Podolska explains.

The exhibition will open its doors to visitors on 15th of June at 18:00 at the Łódź Dialogue Center. It will last for at least one year and will be open daily from 08:00 – 20:00.

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