Dzień Kobiet – Women’s Day in Poland

Florists across Poland will have their work cut out as Women’s Day (Dzień Kobiet in Polish) is approaching. 8th of March marks the day on which men all over the country honour their wives, mother’s, sister or female co-workers.

Although some people look at Women’s Day as a relict of communist times, Women’s Day is still very popular in Poland. Initially, Women’s Day was celebrated as a political event, particularly in Russia and other countries of the former soviet bloc. Nowadays, it is merely an occasion for men to show their appreciation for the women around them.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, acceptable gifts vary. Generally roses, tulips as well as chocolates are considered to be acceptable whereas roses are more appropriate for loved ones. Tulips are a more common gifts for co-workers, for example.

In addition to flowers and chocolates, the greeting – “Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji Dnia Kobiet!” – all the best on the occasion of Women’s Day, goes nicely with the gifts.

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