The bright lights of Warsaw – Photos

Join us on a picturous trip through the capital city of Poland – Warsaw at Night Plac Zamkowy – Warsaw Old Town #175317546 / Warsaw Downtown Skyline #174730908 / Warsaw’s Eastern Bloc past […]

Polish News

“The Economist” – Growing the Polish Apple

(The Economist) – After years of steady growth at home, firms are venturing abroad NOWY STYL, a Polish company that is Europe’s fourth-largest maker of office furniture, recently bought two small German rivals. The firm’s […]

Łódź News

Manufaktura Łódź opens new parking lot

Manufaktura has opened it’s new parking facility for 387 additional parking spaces today. The three-storey tall and completely covered parking lot increases the total number of parking spaces available to 3500. Over each of the […]

Łódź News

Hanna Zdanowska re-elected as Mayor of Lodz

It was a truly emotional evening in the bar / pub “Lodz Kaliska” where Hanna Zdanowska and her colleagues of the Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska / PO) political party set up their election evening’s headquarters. […]


Georgia vs. Poland 0:4

The Polish team won 4-0 (0-0) against Georgia in their away game of the Euro 2016 qualifying campaign. The Polish side Is still unbeaten and is sitting comfortably in top spot of Group D followed […]