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Taxi drivers in Łódź stage protest against UBER

Taxi drivers in Łódź have staged a renewed protest against competition UBER. This time they protested outside Łódź city council. During today’s protest on Piotrkowska, they detained two UBER drivers. Taxi drivers in Łódź say […]

Entertainment & Lifestyle

SamoGeste X8 at Klub DOM in Łódź

DJs OneSomeOne and Vyti Tauta are the organizers of the 8th edition of “SamoGeste”. They invite to one of the hottest events at Klub DOM in Łódź this Saturday (17.09.). Without a doubt, SamoGeste X8 […]

Łódź News

Łódź police arrests treasure hunters

Police in the Łódź region have confirmed the arrest of two treasure hunters. The men were caught red-handed armed with a metal detector and shovels. They could face up to three years imprisonment. As Radio […]