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Wawel Royal Castle unveils new acquistions

Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków has launched an exhibition showcasing 31 acquisitions made in 2014. The state museum’s collections were supplemented thanks to purchases made at auction houses, as well as through donations and deposits. […]

Polish Movie Reviews

Movie tips: “Remembrance” (Die Verlorene Zeit)

The Lodz Post suggests it’s readers movies either from Poland or movies which are set in Poland. In this week’s edition, we look at “Remembrance” (Die Verlorene Zeit), the story of a remarkable love story […]

Polish News

NATO increases it’s presence in Poland

The north-east multinational corps in Szczecin have started to operate in a new structure on Monday, in response to the escalating crisis in Ukraine. The number of troops will be increassed from 200 to 400. […]