ŁKS Commercecon Łódź wins silver in 2017 / 18 womens volleyball season

This year’s LSK finals have gone down in history, but for many reasons it is worth coming back to it. In the second match for the Polish championship, the volleyball players of ŁKS Commercecon Łódź and Chemik Police created an extremely fierce and exciting spectacle, which was watched by around 7,000 at the Atlas Arena. The Łódź team, weakened by the lack of injured Regiana Bidias and Lucie Muhlsteinova, once again showed their amazing character and will to fight. Although they did not manage the defeat Chemik Police, the players received a thunderous ovation from the fans who created an amazing atmosphere. Representatives of PZPS (Polish Volleyball Association), LSK (Womens Volleyball League) as well as industry journalists and players from Police stated that no championship final before had such a setting. It was a great promotion for ŁKS Commercecon and the whole volleyball in Łódź!

The team led by Michal Maska, the vice-champion of Poland, repeated the success of 1986, winning the seventh medal in history. LKS volleyball players have one gold medal (1983), three silver ones (1982, 1986, 2018) and three bronze (1985, 1987, 1989). It is worth noting that the first runners-up in the country started an excellent series of six medals over eight years. May it be similar now …

It must be emphasized that the success of the volleyball players from the Atlas Arena would not be possible without Hubert Hoffman’s involvement. A few years ago, The head of the Commercecon company decided to financially support the failing section of the ŁKS volleyball players, which from non-existence led almost to the top of the national hierarchy. The president of ŁKS Commercecon emphasizes at every turn that the success is the result of the work of many people who often act in a selfless way towards the club. Now they have another opportunity to enjoy the results of their work.

ŁKS Commercecon – Chemik Police 1:3 (13:25, 25:22, 19:25, 25:27)

Image: UML

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