Fire at market near German border injures minimum 8 people

A fire at a market in Osinów Dolny, close to the Polish – German border, has left minimum 8 people injured. 2 people are said to be in critical condition.


The fire, which originated at a food stall at the market, spread to a stall for fireworks causing several explosions. Eye witnesses speak of at least three explosions. Bystanders were hit by fireworks as well as other objects.

At least 8 people, 5 Poles and 3 Germans, were injured in the incident, however, local first responders do not rule out that others, less injured people, may have sought medical attention by themselves, leaving the actual number of victims unknown.

Police and the local prosecutor’s office are investigating the incident. The market is a popular destination for German shoppers due to its close proximity to the border.

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