Public Transport: New PESA Swing tram arrives in Łódź

The first of twelve newly ordered PESA Swing trams arrived in Łódź last night. With their additional features and seating capacity, MPK Łódź aims to increase passenger comfort and safety with its new set of trams.

The first of the twelve new trams made its way from Bydgoszcz to Łódź by trailer last night. Before it will join the Łódź public transport network, it still has to undergo several tests to ensure passenger safety. The new PESA Swing will run on line number 14 and will not differ optically from the trams delivered in 2015. However, the new trams will have additional features such as outside illumination, to lighten dark stops at night as well as additional seats. The current PESA Swings offer 40 seats while the new models will have 50, including 6 foldable seats.

Image: Press Material UML

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