Public Transport: MPK Łódź proud to employ Poland’s best bus driver

Public transport company MPK Łódź can be proud of its employees. One its bus drivers, Sebastian Mlonka, once again won the title of Poland’s best bus driver at a competition held in Plock. Mlonka went head to head with 60 other drivers from across Poland during the competition.

Sebastian Mlonka is based at the Nowy Sady bus depot in Łódź from where he carries out his daily operations. This is not the first time that the young driver has been crowned best bus driver in Poland and MPK Łódź, as well as city authorities, are proud that the title once again returns to Łódź.

During the competition, the drivers had to demonstrate their skills in precise bus operations, passenger handling and first aid. Another driver from Łódź, Michał Hołyński, finished in eighth place.

Photo: MPK Łódź

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