New office building at Piłsudskiego to bring additional jobs to Łódź (Visualization)

It has been confirmed that a modern office complex will be built at the intersection of Piłsudskiego and Śmigłego-Rydza. The new complex is scheduled to be completed by 2019 and investors hope that it will bring additional jobs to the city of Łódź.

The new office complex, which will be named “Imagine”, is an investment by Avestus Real Estate. Avestus Real Estate said that it sees great potential in Łódź as a positive environment for the sector of modern services such as BPO, SSC and new technologies companies. Construction of the new Imagine office complex will start in 2017 with completion scheduled for 2019.

The new Imagine office building will have over 14,000 sqm of office space and 2,300 sqm for services, trade and catering.

The investors and city authorities hope that the new office complex will bring up to 1,600 new jobs to Łódź.

Images: Press Material

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