Łódz city budget cuts. Less budget for promotional activities in 2016

Changes in the city budget for 2016 sees Łódz operating on a minimum level for the city’s promotional activities. Only 1.13 million PLN were allocated to the city’s promotion committee.


In the committee’s opinion, the city should find the money for, among other things, celebration of anniversaries with partner cities as well as the Polish Congress Ambassadors Gala. These events are vital for Łódz in order to win the Expo 2022.

– Priority should be given to expenditure on the organization of events that would help the city to build a positive reputation. This includes, among others, the World Communication Forum which would take 160 thousand PLN from the small budget. Additionally the Polish Congress Ambassadors Gala (people acting in international associations to promote Poland ), which requires 250000 PLN – says Małgorzata Bartosiak, chairwoman of the promotion committee.

Source: Dziennik

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