Free Media – Protests continue as Poland’s ruling party plans to move ahead with new rules on media

Under the Slogan #Wolnemedia (free media), protestors continue to gather in front of the ruling party’s Law and Justice (PiS) local office in Łódź. The latest protest took place yesterday (Sunday 18.12.) on Piotrkowska.


Participants of the protests held up banners with the inscription #Wolnemedia (free media) and collected food items for those travelling to Warsaw on Tuesday to join a bigger protest organized by KOD (committee for the Defense of Democracy).

Demonstrations across Poland continue since Friday, following a protest by opposition politicians which disrupted a debate and vote on the 2017 budget. The Łódź Post reported.

Despite the protests, The speaker of Poland’s upper house, Stanisław Karczewski, confirmed that he will move ahead and put forward proposed changes for media access to the Polish parliament.

Image: Dziennik

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