For the true lovers of Łódz. Women’s tights bearing Łódz monuments

Whether it is the Kościuszki Monument on Plac Wolnosci or the gate of Manufaktura, true lovers of Łódz can now take these popular Łódz sights anywhere. In fact, women can wear them on their legs with the new Łódz tights.


– We came up with the Łódz tights in order to promote our large and beautiful city and to show our creativity-, says Sebastian Krajda, brand manager at Gabriella.


– The Łódz tights also serve to highlight the hosiery tradition in our region. Annually, companies such as Adrian, Marylin or Wola, produce 120 million pairs of tights here which represents 89 percent of the tights produced in Poland -, Krajda adds.


Images: Facebook Mat. Łódzka Rajtuza

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