European Record for Łódź Public Bicycles

Within their first month of operations, Łódź Public Bicycles have broken the European record in number of rentals.


– Mayor of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska, says that Łódź residents enjoy their new form of transport. – We have more than forty-two thousand people registered and more than three hundred sixty-three thousand rentals within the first. I would like to mention that in comparison, in Warsaw, with a much larger number of bicycles and stations, within the first month they only registered one hundred and twenty thousand rentals, and in Łódź we have had three hundred sixty-three thousand rentals during the first month – emphasizes Zdanowska.

Nextbike Polska, the company which runs the Łódź Public Bicycles, also ensures that it will gradually improve the system’s performance and aims to eliminate glitches reported by users.

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