Christmas Eve in Łódź. When do the shops close?

With Christmas approaching fast, questions about which shops or restaurants will be open start to arise. Particularly for those who have to work on Christmas Eve, the question about when the shops close is important. Remember, most shops will be closed on 25th and 26tth of December so do your grocery shopping latest by the 24th.


Dorota Patejko, director of communications at Auchan, confirmed that Auchan supermarkets will be open until 15:00 on Christmas Eve. Carrefour, Lidl and Biedronka supermarkets will close for Christmas at 14:00 to allow members of staff to spend more time with their families on Christmas Eve.

Opening hours for mini markets such as Carrefour Express, Globi, Żabka and Freshmarket will be determined by the owners of these stores. Most likely they will be open until the evening hours, however, each shop owner determines their opening hours. If you plan to do your shopping at your local Żabka, ask the staff at what time they will be closing on Christmas Eve.

Shopping center Manufaktura will close its doors on Christmas Eve at 15:00 while the new shopping center Sukcesja will be open for Christmas shoppers until 15:30. Port Łódź closes at 14:00 while Galeria Łódzka will be open until 15:00.

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