592nd anniversary of Łódź City 24th – 26th of July. What will happen where

Between 24-26 July the city of Łódź will be celebrating its 592nd birthday with a series of events.
Over 200 guided tours of Łódź attractions such as Lagiewnicki Forest, Kinderman’s villa, Herbst’s palace but also new Investments such as the EC-1, Art Inkubator, Green Horizon Office Building, Polish National Bank Office and many more.


The celebrations will be concluded with a concert sponsored by Radio Zet and Channel 2 of Polish National Television featuring stars like Lady Pank, Feel Ania Wyszkoni and Sarsa. The concert will take place in Manufaktura on Sunday at 20:00.

24th of July (Friday)

Programme of organized events:

12-14- “Whole Łódź dances folk on Piotrkowska”- dance show engaging the public (200-300 people including children)

Folk Parade on Piotrkowska starts on Plac Wolnosci

15-18- “Folk birthday”-international concerts of participants of festival on Piotrkowska street (scene on Pasaz Schillera)

19-20.30- “Stand up comedy birthday” performances by Kabaret Skeczow Meczacych and Formacja Chatelet

21-23 – concerts by Black Radio, Call the Sun (finalists of MUST BE THE MUSIC TV SHOW) and Kamil Bednarek

Additional attractions which will be available on Pasaz Schillera throughout the day:


First Aid workshops- they will be taking place in PCK (Polish Red Cross) tent, they will use dummies and will be lead by a qualified instructor.

Bike marking – Straz Miejska (city police) will have a tent where they will be marking the bikes for free. Marking your bike will enable Police or Straz Miejska to retrieve it easier in case it is stolen.

PLAY STATION: (featuring games for children)

Euro Memory- organized for children will feature a card game in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. When two matching cards are found the player scores a point
Wezel Energii- again organized for children who will be the pieces moving on the board which will reflect New Centre of Lodz. When the dice will be rolled children will be moving on the board to places like Dworzec Lodz Fabryczna (Fabryczna Train Station) Lodz Philharmonic, EC1 etc where they will be collection points and energy which can be later exchanged for prizes
Mega Układanka- large puzzle which is designed to educate children about influence of EU

Relax Station

Sun loungers, umberellas, blankets and pillows. Tables with board games will be available for public. The station will also have two massage stations where professional masseurs will help everyone to relax.

25th of July (Saturday)

Circus festival “EDI and friends” Magicians will be entertaining the public on Piotrkowska Street
Songwriter Lodz Festival featuring Henry David’s Gun – starts at 8 at Woonerf on 6 Sierpnia street
Academy of beauty Lady Step Lady Zone – Rubinstein’s pasaz between 13-21: It will be a place for self development, fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. The programme of Lady Zone includes diet coaching lectures, fitness shows, fashion shows.
Biggest playground – 10 inflattable attractions will be set on Piotrkowska (castles, slides, pools full of balls) and will be available for children between 12-19.
Heart Clinic – will be performing basic cardiac tests. Everyone is welcome to use free doctor’s advice the only requirement is to present valid ID card or passport.

26th of July (Sunday)

Continuation of EDI Circus festival and biggest playground – all attractions will be available between 12-19.
Final concert sponsored by Radio Zet and TVP 2. Concert features stars such as Lady Pank, Feel Ania Wyszkoni and Sarsa. The concert will commence at 20:00 in Manufaktura.

Enjoy the weather, enjoy the city and celebrate the birthday of Łódź.

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