SamoGeste X8 at Klub DOM in Łódź

DJs OneSomeOne and Vyti Tauta are the organizers of the 8th edition of “SamoGeste”. They invite to one of the hottest events at Klub DOM in Łódź this Saturday (17.09.).


Without a doubt, SamoGeste X8 is one of the hottest events in Łódź this weekend. Organized by DJs OneSomeOne and Vyti Tauta, lovers of techno will be taken deep into Łódź’s underground heart and scene. Guests DJs such as “Six”, “Waetek” as well as British DJ Darren Vega will also provide night-dwellers with acoustical delights.

When: 17.09.2016 – 22:00
Where: Klub DOM, Piotrkowska 138/140, 90-062 Łódź
Admission: Free

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