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Public bicycles to return to streets of Łódź

As spring is slowly approaching, public bicycles will be back on the streets of Łódź tomorrow following their three-months winter break. Just after midnight on Wednesday (01.03.) the bikes will be available for rent. Following […]

Łódź News

Bomb alarm at Łódź Airport

Authorities at Łódź Airport raised an alarm at around 16:30 this afternoon (22.02.) as an unattended piece of luggage raised their suspicions. Explosives experts and border guards sealed off the scene. While the suitcase was […]

Entertainment & Lifestyle

Fat Thursday 2017 in Poland, or Happy Doughnut Day

Poles across the country will be consuming millions of doughnuts on Thursday (23.02.) to celebrate “Fat Thursday”, traditionally celebrated in the last week of carnival. This tradition goes back to the 17th century. Traditionally, on […]